Gamemon Universal USB Converter

I picked up the Gamemon Universal USB Converter (FT8D91) from Walmart recently, and wanted to hook it up to my laptop to play Flanker 2.51 (more on that in the next post). It came with a mini-cd that I promptly lost (really just threw it away), since I figured I could always download it from the web.

Well it looks like these devices arent as well known as others, so it took a little googling to find the drivers.

  1. Install the v1.2 drivers
  2. A shortcut to the configuration settings program is left on your desktop. Change the compatibility mode to Windows 2000 (if you are running XP) to run it, and set the appropriate converter (I use an XBox controller) to enable.

One Response to “Gamemon Universal USB Converter”

  1. 1:09 am on November 19 2007, Sirtan said:

    I can’t seem to find the drivers for this ANYWHERE now…. I was hoping you could email it to me if you still have it SirtanJedua at gmail dot com