Flanker 1.5 Files Saved

I have been a fan of Russian fighter planes for quite some time now, all due to my exposure to Su-27 Flanker Squandron Commander’s Edition, a flight simulation game published by the now defunct SSI. The developers of the Su27 Flanker SCE are still around, and have produced follow-on products such as Flanker 2.51 and LockOn: Modern Air Combat (LoMAC). I have both, but have refused to purchase any of the later addons, like Flaming Cliffs, because they use the Starforce protection system. (I have bought two copies each of Flanker 1.5, Flanker 2, and LoMAC, I do not like being treated like a criminal with a protection system that is known to have adverse effects on systems)

Still, I think I like the original, polygon-graphics only game more than any other, primarily because I can still run this on practically any computer, including laptop.

However, there are a few additional things that are needed to easily run this game.

  1. Sound patch for NT/2000/XP OS’s.
  2. No CD patch

The former is a must, or else you will not get any sound at all in any Windows version after NT4. The latter is not a requirement, I currently use DaemonTools to mount an ISO image of the SCE disk.

Some miscellaneous utilities I have found and stored here as well include

Please be aware that I am the author of none of these fine pieces of software. I am mainly hosting these files for the foreseeable future because it was very difficult for me to find them when I reinstalled Flanker 1.5.

Update: One other aspect of running Flanker 1.5 on a modern PC is the fact that a USB joystick does not work properly—namely, the control inputs are erratic. The following post offers a solution. This post explains in greater detail what PPJoy and PPJoyJoy are. I’ve added a zip file of both here.


7 Responses to “Flanker 1.5 Files Saved”

  1. 11:38 pm on November 10 2007, David Pierron said:

    Hi !

    I’m the author of Flanker Realistic Payload Editor, and I stumbled upon your site by searching the internet about its remains 😉
    You gave me the need to install F1.5 again, to try and see if I still like it …
    Thanks for keeping this fine game alive !


  2. 11:38 pm on November 10 2007, Kent said:

    Thanks for making these su27 flanker utilities available. If you know of other sites which have su27 v1.5 addons, patches, etc. please let me know.


  3. 11:38 pm on November 10 2007, Gert said:

    Thanks, this brings back good memories!

    How do you get F1.5 to work? It requires a 256-color desktop – too low for current videocards.

  4. 11:38 pm on November 10 2007, Robert said:

    I wanted to install flanker 1.5 on my xp machine again,
    and found your link to the nt sound patch here.
    However, it seems that either it does not download correctly,
    or it is corrupted in some way, as winzip
    complains that it is not a valid zip archive.

    Have you had any such problems?

  5. 11:38 pm on November 10 2007, admin said:

    I was able to download it and unzip it, using XP/Explorer’s builtin zip viewer/extractor. Please try again.

  6. 11:38 pm on November 10 2007, papote said:

    thank you for putting this web site up

    ive been wanting to play this sim again

    on my laptop and it works fine except that
    it wont recognize my joystick i think because its usb any one has a solution for this?

  7. 11:38 pm on November 10 2007, Haoming said:

    thanks for putting up the flanker sound patch, I was struggling for hours to get the sound to work and now it finally does! This game is so aesthetically beautiful, far surpassing more modern games with better graphics, sound. It goes to show you that real beauty is more than skin deep!