Mazda5 cyclical noise

Well it looks like my less than a week old mazda5 already needs some major work done.

The cyclical “whump whump” noise I was hearing (even from the initial test drive, which the sales person said was just road noise) turns out to be the left front drive axle. Good thing that this is under warranty (Mazda’s Certified Preowned Limited Warranty).

I bought this car used from Wellesley Mazda, and while I question how this drive axle problem was missed in the “150 point inspection” that Mazda Certified Preowned program features, at least for now I am willing to give them a benefit of the doubt. Hopefully this will fix the whump whump noise and also the slight clicking noise I hear when shifting.

I will be bringing in the Mazda5 next Monday and be getting a loaner car for the day. More to come later



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