FSO test tomorrow

My trip went well, I’ll post up some pics later. Tomorrow is the State Department’s Foreign Service Officer oral exam, starting at 0700. Unlike a lot of people who are literally cramming for the test, I haven’t really studied or prepared. We’ll see how it goes!


One Response to “FSO test tomorrow”

  1. 5:39 pm on January 13 2008, trevor said:

    how did it go ? i just took my written yesterday July 15th 2008..Test wa snot as difficult as I read in online blogs, but then also think that minimum cut off scores would be extremely high (Probably high 80’s to the 90:s, and off course depending upon how many took the test, how they did as well as the total # of anticipated vaccancies !

    Can you give an insight as to how your orals went?

    New York