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I must admit, this might be offensive to some, but I think it is a pretty cute idea.

I might want to put this Google Gadget on the right side of this page, unless it offends too much.


MRI pics

I recently had an MRI done. I will post more pictures later, but this one was particularly cool because you can clearly tell my eyeballs.


Unfortunately for my critics, who undoubtedly think I am somewhat brain-dead, everything checked out fine.


Dwell Clicking on Windows

Like most people in the IT field I have been experiencing pain in my hands and arms when typing and especially when using the mouse. I have up to now been dealing by taking breaks and using two mice, moving one with the right hand and clicking on buttons with the left hand.

Recently I was playing with a linux laptop that had an interesting feature called Dwell Clicking, which clicks the mouse for you automatically when you hover the mouse over something. I thought that was a great feature, and google’d for something equivalent in Windows. There are a few, but the one that cameĀ  up first and I like is the following:

It takes a little bit of time to get used to, but after a while it becomes natural. I originally set the delay before automatically clicking to a really small value, but that was affecting a lot of menu selection operations, so I have set it to a more moderate value and have trained myself to be more patient.



rtmpdump is a utility to save to file video streams using the rtmp protocol. does, although recently they have changed their site to encrypt PIDs to easily do this.